We have been in various other bands and some of us have been in those bands together but we believe this is our best combination yet. We recently became a three piece and our musical journey has renewed energy and drive. At this time we are a cover band and expect to begin writing originals this year. We are a high energy crowd friendly group covering modern rock and some classic hard rock. Our influences are varied and come from all genres. We are continually changing our song list and updating our site – so please check often for shows, news, stats and other info. We enjoy playing the best music we can and in the meantime entertain YOU – OUR FANS, FRIENDS & FAMILY!!!!!

We only want brown M & M’s, bottled domestic beer and tap water!!!

Dale King – Lead Vocals, Bass
When I was six years old I heard my first inspiration of becoming a ROCKSTAR, Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath, and I as they say “The Rest is History”.  Black Sabbath, The Doors, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Bad Brains, Pantera and Type O Negative are the big hitters that influenced my passion.  I have been playing guitar, bass and singing for the better part of 29 years.  My Fender Precision Basses, strung with D’Addario strings love the way Peavey Heads, Ampeg & Hartke Bottoms make them purr and my strong powerful voice can only be tamed by Sennheiser Mics.
Music just seems to soothe me – it’s like a drug that I can not get enough…..
I do not tie my shoes, am a video game junkie and I am nocturnal….

Mark Cardarelli – Guitar, Vocals
Ever since I heard the albums Double Live Gonzo by Ted Nugent and All The World’s A Stage by Rush all I wanted to be was a GUITARIST in a band.  My major influences are Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.  I have been playing off and on for 20 years and in various bands in Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida.  My sound comes through Peavey XXL Amps/Bottoms, my instruments of destruction are Gibson, Jackson and Epiphone Guitars strung with DR Strings.
I wear brown shoe laces, like fried chicken and long walks on the beach…..



I got my first drum kit, a pearl-white Ludwig four-piece at the age of 9 for $25 from the neighborhood yard sale. It was the mid-70’s, so I started by rocking to Jackson 5 and Beatles LP’s in the basement. After developing a natural hard-hitting power stroke which was not always appreciated in the gospel environment I grew up playing in for a dozen years, three traveling groups through the States and Africa, and tracking the drums on one gospel album, I put the stick away for a dozen years.

Music is always in my ear, being played in my head and with my feet, hands and fingers – even when it’s quiet. So, as an older adult, that natural drive to rock grabbed ahold of me. I’ve had the pleasure of rocking with a few great bands in recent years and with some amazing musicians who have each had a hand in making me a better drummer and performer. With influences like; Robert Sweet (Stryper), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), and Scott Phillips (Creed/Alterbridge) I have my own style of playing and I describe myself as a power-pocket drummer.

These days, my Black Diamond DW Performance Series kit and Zildjian “A” Customs feel the powerstroke as I drive the hard-rockin’ tunes of 10,000 Papercuts. I wear boxers –not briefs, I’m a confirmed bachelor and I like my Fatboy, my bulldog, my guns and girls with attitude.